How To Clean An Air Duct An air duct is a hollow tuning that directs air from the exterior of a building to its interior, and vice versa. It is also referred to as an air hole or ventilation shaft. In this life, there is no organism that can exist in the absence of clean air.
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People being living things are no exception to this. Because of this, there is need for better ways to be devised that allow air quality within buildings to be improved time and again. The ventilation shaft present in most of our homes are one of the accomplishments achieved in helping maintain good air quality within our surroundings.
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Air ducts as used to provide clean oxygenated air into our places of residence and at the same time expel stuffy and contaminated air from our spaces. As air comes in and our first f the shaft, it carries with it dust particles, some of which end settling along the shaft. Because of this, it is very important for the ventilation shaft to get cleaned now and then so that it can be able to function effectively. Cleaning of an air duct is not rocket science. Tools required to facilitate this exercise include a vacuum cleaner, a couple of paper towels, screwdriver, toilet brush and a new furnace filter. Cleaning begins by covering the openings that supply heated air to a room using paper towels. Covering these ends are much needed since it prevents the dust within the vent from escaping into the room during cleaning. Secondly, it is always important to turn on the fan before and during air duct cleaning. As one cleans, the big dust particles break into smaller units. The fan then propels them outwards thus making one’s work easier. Cleaning should always be done while the old furnace filter is still intact. This is because the filter helps prevent dust from reaching and stalling the fan. That is the primary reason why all cleaning should only be done in the presence of the old furnace filter. When it comes to cleaning a ventilation shaft, no stone should be left unturned. This is to say that the individual cleaning should ensure that he has carefully cleaned all spaces within the shaft that might have a build up of dust in them. All air registers should also be cleaned in the same manner. After the all the dust particles have been loosened up, they are then sucked out of the shaft by use of a house vacuum cleaner. The result is a spotless system. Over time, the furnace filter gets worn out. This means that an old filter can no longer carry out its duties responsibly. Hence it is always important that the old unit is replaced with a new one whenever a cleaning exercise is being conducted.

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