That the streaming gains more and more ground is a reality that we must assume. Starting from this point it is best to take full advantage of all the tools and possibilities offered by this new format. This is one of the goals of Spotify and that is why through its platform of best practices we get 7 ways to get the most out of Spotify, in general many of those tips can be applied to other platforms streaming so in Overall they are very useful for everyone. Although we must not forget that the platform is the largest and important worldwide with more than 40 million users.

  1. If your music is online then it should be in Spotify or streaming service on demand

Since your music is accessible on the net it does not make any sense that it is not available in Spotify, unless it is a super star and decides to bet on a sequential and exclusive sales strategies through iTunes. But even in that case it is important that every song that is available in other channels of consumption, is available and if possible before in legal payment streaming channels, because as I said once it does not make sense to leave premium fans of latest.

Beyond whatever strategy we must remember that if your music and your catalog is not in Spotify on streaming a la carte services, fans will consume it via pirates or through services that offer worse monetization, let’s see the comparison between The payment for royalties for 1 million listeners of Spotify compared to other channels of consumption, as we can see the differences are obvious:

  1. It is not enough to be, it is important that the fans know

It is possible that many fans are already in the streaming, but possibly opened their account after the release of your last release, so maybe they are not aware or maybe are more accustomed to go to the iPod to listen to your music. This is why it is important to make a reminder because in front of catalogs of more than 20 million songs it is important to achieve highlight and connect.

For this we can:

  • Advertise new releases
  • Catalog Song Reminders
  • Add the Spotify or Deezer button to the official website or insert playlist
  • Placing links in YouTube or Soundcloud descriptions
  1. Check your artist profile

Spotify allows artists to check their official page, enabling the possibility to use additional features, which allows them to share music with more social interaction with their fans, sharing music and updates with their followers. Having thus a record and a profile page. You are also allowed to change avatar photos and name.

  1. Focus on getting followers

Generating followers is very important on both Spotify and YouTube itself as this will facilitate communication efforts and your fans will always be up to date with automatic notifications like new releases, concerts or reviews. But if you also have the verified profile in Spotify, you can also share directly with them. Buy real spotify followers is the fastest way to get some followers. The followers in the end end up being a small extension of your database, although by pity not yet have no control over her. A good way to add more followers is to add the Spotify Follow button on your webpage.

  1. Share with your fans

Once you have followers it is important to interact and share with them, no matter if they are 100 or 100 thousand be aware that they are people connected enough to your music that have decided to follow you, that is why create playlist of the concert or your inspirations good strategies To generate engagement and something to share with your friends. This is also a very good tool for record labels, which will help them to promote all their releases.

  1. Analyze your data and know your fan base

Thanks to the integration with Next Big Sound, Spotify allows you to analyze the data available for artists and their managers for free. A similar tool is also available autonomously in Deezer for Artist or D4A. Next Big Sound enables important information not only the historical number of views, but also all the activity of fans on Twitter or Facebook as well as key demographic data to outline campaigns and strategies.

  1. Make the most of Merchandising and your Concerts

Apart from the 6 keys offered by Spotify I would like to add one more that seems to me of great importance. Thanks to the integration with Topspin now Spotify allows the direct sale of merchandising through the platform, which at the end of the day is where the fans are. In this sense the Songkick integration also allows artists to promote their concerts and announce every time they are on tour, a very important functionality which was demonstrated after the latest data revealed by Songkick, which is also integrated in other platforms such as Deezer Soundcloud. You can also buy real soundcloud favorites for soundcloud apps.

7 ways to get the most out of Spotify and other streaming services