Types of Traffic Cameras

There are a number of traffic cameras in the modern day transport system. Traffic cameras are good at ensuring the traffic laws are followed especially when it comes to checking through patterns and density while there are other functions they can do too. To avail future records these cameras are often places in places with common occurrence of infractions. It is common to find a number of traffic cameras placed in places with weather hazards, congestions and even complex insertions. The height they commonly reside in could be up to thirty feet and some of them are fitted with internet connectivity.

Red light traffic cameras have become a common thing in the developed countries where they will be fitted in the intersection roads especially where they expect drivers to go a bit slower or at a given speed just to say. These cameras are made with the specific reason of ensuring that law breakers in terms of traffic no longer do that. It is made to record the driver or the number plate of the car that could have passed the traffic when the red light is on. It will then send the picture to the functional computer system which will try to find a match. While alerting the necessary authority the person involved either being the owner of the car or the person driving the car will be charged immediately.

One thing about these cameras is the fact that they are always so small that the driver could never have any idea that there is a camera at a given point. Where inside on top or below the red light the camera will be there and still hard to notice. It could also be placed in similar other things just so that the driver doesn’t know that there is a camera watching them. The camera can also be placed just in front of the driver so that he can see it and stop to do what the law of traffic says at the particular intersection unlike when it is placed on tall buildings and bushes where they can never see.

In the current world the system commonly used is the video loop triggers. In this system a camera will be placed on the traffic light recording all the happenings on the road all in live video and then send them to the necessary system operation persons while they happen. The camera is set to take a snapshot of any vehicle trying to pass through the intersection while the light reads red then sends the information to the necessary system for the authority to take control or punishing measures.

There are also punitive cameras that are used in some parts of the world. These are made to ensure that motorists are also following the law placed for the region.

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