Which Is Better- Digital Printer Or Offset Printer? Digital printing technology has brought modern discoveries giving more options and interesting features. However, it also brought some confusion to many people. This is why it is vital to determine the advantages or disadvantages of digital printing. As a result, you can compare the digital printing and traditional offset printing and make your decision. Offset printing is often chosen when it comes to high volume commercial printing. When offset printing is used, the desire print picture is burned onto a plate and transferred to a rubber blanket and to the printing surface. The process of printing is in accordance of the repulsion of oil and water. The picture to be printed receives ink from the ink rollers and the non printing area gets a film of water in order for it to be ink free. In digital printing, the mechanical steps done in traditional printing will be removed. The mechanical steps are the making of films and color proofs, stripping the pieces together, and making plates. But which do you think is much better between the two? Well, it depends.
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You will see that in digital printing there is shorter turnaround. It provides similar print results. It is accurate printing because there is no need to balance the ink and water during the press run. It is not so expensive. For each piece of print, digital printing is more expensive than offset printing, but for low volume printing, digital printing is cheaper. You can customize digital printing. The text or graphics can be customized using the information from the database without stopping. Like for example, you can print personalized letters with different name and address. That’s why this is used for direct marketing and advertising.
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Offset printing also comes with advantages. It provides high quality pictures. It works on different printing surfaces like paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather, rough paper, and plastic. The cost becomes cheaper when the quantity increases. It provides quality and cost-effectiveness. There are modern offset printing nowadays where it uses computer to plate system. Hence, it gives quality. When choosing between digital and offset printing, you can follow the considerations below: You must think about the quantity. In offset printing, as the quantity increases, the unit cost becomes cheaper. How do you choose your printing medium? Do you want a special paper, finish, or unusual printing surface or customized size? There are various choices for digital while for offset printing it offers flexibility. There is a four color process printing in digital printing. When you want black or two colors only, you may choose the offset printing. The tips above will help you come up with the right decision. You can research more to learn more.

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