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Finding Parallels Between Companies and Life

Ways Of Being A Good Leader Like David Humphreys CEO Of TAMKO

Leaders do not give orders instead they try to get the best methods to work together with their team to achieve the goals of the company. David Humphreys CEO of TAMKO has proven that with great leadership skills anything is possible if one keeps going and help the company climb to heights it has never reached. When one is a leader they are accountable for each action they take, so, how is it possible to lead and boost the growth a company for long without falling back?

Sometimes individuals want their companies to prosper so much such that they forget to learn ways of maintaining their attitude which can affect how one interacts with people. You are responsible for being the best version of your firm that is why having a good attitude is all it takes to … Read More

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Forests

Uses of Wood Science in Different Areas in Life

Wood has been in use for a long period and remains to be even nowadays. Over the years the growth has been increasing with the fact that it now even taught in schools and colleges. Wood is the largest component of what a tree is composed of. Due to the diversity of the ecosystems, the size depends on the species of a given tree. Following are some of the benefits that are associated with wood science, and it is as a result of the growth in the technology of wood.

Source of Fuel

For a long time wood has served many homes as a source of the heat energy that is needed to burn and cook various things. Especially in some rural places hardwood is preferred to provide heat for cooking and sometimes as a source of warmth for the family … Read More