EaseUS data recovery wizard helps you recover data in Windows, Mac, Android and also iOS. It is till date one of the best data recovery software that helps you recover deleted, formatted or lost data from not just your PC or laptop but also from a removable device. It guarantees an easy and a quick process.

In the process, there are three steps involved. These steps act as an aid in recovering all the lost files and data to the highest point of accuracy. The process starts by launching the software after downloading it, first.  The second step involves scanning and finally, the recovery is done. The main advantage of EaseUS Data recovery wizard is that data recovery can be done from a variety of loss environments. It’s not limited to certain formats of files. It can recover everything including music, videos, photos, emails etc.

It is often heartbreaking when there is a virus attack in our laptops and PCs, resulting in the loss of some photos or videos that are close to our heart. At times, damage is caused to the hard drive; there is an OS crash; there can also be a partition loss. Data recovery is possible in various devices like a hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, memory cards, digital cameras, mobile phones, music players etc. Flash drive recovery is one of the prime areas of specialty in EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It proves to be an efficient and simple solution for data recovery and flash drive recovery. Being a quite safe solution for data recovery, EaseUS software’s “deep scan” tracks down all the lost files in depth; thereby accessing inaccessible and hidden files.

After launching EaseUS data recovery software, “quick scan” automatically starts. It searches the entire hard drive for the lost data in flash drive recovery. Lost files can be extracted precisely through quick scan and deep scan modes. These modes of scan ensure the recovery of all the lost data at a blazing speed and also ensure accuracy. It applies to multiple loss situations. There are no limitations and specifications of file types. Its safe file recovery feature recovers all lost pictures, documents, videos, music and also emails which were lost due to deletion, formatting, partition loss, virus attacks, system crash etc.

  • A clear and comprehensible preview is shown before the process, thereby ensuring a successful recovery. The preview feature makes the files that are supposed to be restored clear and understandable.
  • Importing and exporting scanning results are possible whenever required. It is pretty adaptable to different recovery situations. It’s simple to resume the recovery without rescanning. The previously scanned reports can be simply imported.

Being an award winning software by CNET, Top ten reviews etc; it can be downloaded for absolutely free. However, it can be upgraded whenever required. It works well for both business documents and home files. It provides a competent service and its customer support is available online through live chat and telephone, 24*7. So, try it out and you’ll see the reason behind its fame.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Free Recovery Tool for everyone