Hiring a Furniture Assembler

Furniture assemblers are tasked with joining different pieces of furniture parts, preferably at the furniture’s final location. They can also work on the furniture on an assembly line. It is not a highly skilled job. All it needs is the ability to stick to guidelines, and to know how to use the assembling tools. Nowadays, you will find most of the furniture being sold to be made with materials other than wood. It is rare to find the furniture being purchased ready to use. You will find a lot of these furniture being created from particle board, which can then be dismantled prior to ferrying. A furniture assembler will find job opportunities by doing freelance work, gaining employment in a company that offers such services, or also at the furniture store.

You may end up getting furniture that will need assembling, for instance, office furniture, exercise equipment, or furniture for your house. The the store where you bought them may not do assembly work. You will have no choice but to either assemble them yourself, or reach out to a furniture assembler for their expert assistance. In case you decide to hire a furniture assembler, ensure they are conversant with their craft. There are a few tips that can help you along the way.

Ensure you get value for both the money you spent on the purchase and the amount you will pay for their assembly services. Look into their track record to establish the level of experience they have. They should have handled different kinds of furniture. You can ask them directly how many years they have been doing this assembly work. A look into their references is also a good idea. The referees are best placed to testify on behalf of their work.
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You will need to inquire whether they offer any guarantees, what the nature of their guarantees are, and how long these guarantees last. This professional needs to carry professional liability insurance. This insurance is meant to shield the client in instances where the assembled furniture poses a risk to them. You can ask the assembler if he/she can vouch for his/her work.
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It is important to inquire whether the assembler has a flat rate charge, or works on hourly rate basis. You will be better placed to look for an assembler who charges in half hourly increments, following the first hour. This will save you quite an amount, as the job may not take complete hours. You may end up paying more for a few minutes’ work.
An assembler who offers more than the standard expected duties is ideal. Some of these extras are like carrying the heavy boxes of the furniture parts, service charge for gas, or arranging the furniture.

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