Hidden phone tracker, what did you get from these words. You must be thinking this is nothing new. This is just a phone tracker, and you can hide this like any other app. This is not much attractive. But wait, this is not what you are thinking. This is completely different and a very amazing one. Hidden phone tracker is a secret phone tracker, which you can install on someone’s phone and then hide it, and you can access all the work that is being done in the phone online in some other phone or desktop, anywhere. Isn’t it amazing?

Describe what the problem solves similar software

If you are a parent, and you want to take care of your child but also do not want to let them know then this issue can completely be solved by these type of secret phone tracker software. Apps are available on the play store. You can easily install them in the phones of the person you want to work. You will be able to track each and everything whether it is call or message or Whatsapp or Viber or Facebook or location. You will have the complete details, and another person will be completely unaware of it.

Step by step installation guide

The complete procedure regarding usage of this app is as follows:

  • Make an account of yours on the website online.
  • You will be given a secret personal number for your account. This number will be used when you want to make changes in the app.
  • Then there will be an option of downloading the app.
  • Download the app from there in the phone of the person you want to track.
  • Enter your account details.
  • Now there is an option in settings of the app regarding whether to hide it or not.
  • Hide the app from there.
  • Now access your account in any other device, and you will be able to track each and everything of that phone.
  • When you want to unhide the app or want to make some changes or delete the app, then download the app again on the same phone. The app will ask for that secret personal number.
  • Enter that number, and you will be again able to access the account.

Useful features of service

Various useful features of the service provided by these secret phone tracker are the following:

  • You will be able to track the location of the phone.
  • You can also track calls, messages and the details of various other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber.
  • You can also track camera pictures and replacement of sim card.
  • You can also delete the app from the phone when you feel that your work is completed.


The features of this secret phone tracker are seriously very unusual. You can easily keep an eye on your children or your loved ones but do not try to misuse the service. How to use the advancement of technology is in our own hands. So, do it in right direction.

How to use Hidden Phone Tracker as a secret phone tracker