How to Learn Yoga Poses and Styles.

Yoga has been said to have so many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation thereby keeping a person’s heart in good conditions. Beginner learners of yoga have a hard time understanding different yoga poses. This guideline will serve to aid you to know different yoga styles.

It is always advisable to start with simple yoga styles such as Corpse pose. This usually the simplest yoga style did after performing more difficult poses. To do this pose you get down to the ground, lay all of your body flats on the ground through your back at the same time set your legs wide open. This poses is used to restore the energy lost in the other yoga styles.

Another simple yoga pose is cat pose, which a person will stand on all four arms while having shoulders as high as possible. A person is supposed to do then breathing exercises for a while. This position assist to stretch the back, and the shoulders of a person.
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One advanced stage yoga pose is the dancer pose which requires repetition to master it. A person to get into this yoga style, while standing will raise one leg up on the back and hold it with the same side hand while simultaneously straightening the other hand perpendicularly to their body.
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Chair pose is like a person is sitting down and all of a sudden the chair is removed but instead of falling down the person is left in a state position. Also, a person should raise both arms in the air up to their limits. This pose facilitates efficient pumping of blood combined with a well-performing diaphragm.

Downward dog yoga style. This one of the most popular yoga poses. The yoga instructors will have people standing, the instruct them to bend forward without moving their feet until their hand reaches the ground, the next instruction will be to raise their behind up in the air as high as possible without moving any of their arms. This pose is great for women past the age of 45years and also assist to energize the body and relieves the brain of any stress.

The one of the most difficult poses is the lizard yoga style. The easiest way to get into lizard pose is to first get into downward dog pose. Then one of leg should move one step back, forcing you to get to your elbows and forehands on the ground. After that the leg should assume the sitting position. A person will perform breathing exercises in this position for several minutes. With time doing lizard move the hips and pelvis stop being so rigid.

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