Benefits of Sous Vide

Many of the people who reading this article will already be familiar with Sous Vide. It is being called a cooking revolution. In English, the common French phrase means “under pressure.” It became popular in France a few decades ago. More information about how Sous Vide works is in the following paragraphs.

To cook in a Sous Vide way means that your food is sealed in a bag and cooked in a pot of boiling water. Once your food is finished, you will find that it is very juicy and filled with flavor. Sous Vide creates an unusual texture in the food. You will need to experiment for yourself in order to find out which types of food you prefer cooked Sous Vide.

Can all food be cooked Sous Vide? While pretty much any food can be cooked in this manner, meat is probably the most common. It can make cuts of meat from the animal’s tougher parts more tender and easier to chew. Once the meat is fully cooked throughout, you can sear each side on a hot pan. As you can imagine, a great number of people enjoy food that has been cooked Sous Vide. Also, any sauces or marinades can go directly into the disposable vacuum bag, which makes cleaning up much easier. Though meat is a popular choice, virtually any kind of food can be cooked this way.

Many of you amateur chefs will be relieved to know that Sous Vide is somewhat simple to do at home. Basically, all you need is a vacuum sealer and some bags. A vacuum sealer works by removing all of the air from special bags and then sealing them. Unless you have a vacuum sealer, you probably cannot do the Sous Vide technique. Once you have a good vacuum sealer, however, you are sure to find many surprising uses for it all around your home. There is also another important point to remember when learning about Sous Vide. Any type of vacuum bag you want to use for Sous Vide must be able to handle some very hot water for a short time. A melted plastic bag is not edible. It might also be a good idea to purchase vacuum bags that are BPA free.

In order to actually cook your sealed food, you must have a water oven, which is also known as a water bath. It is easy to find more information online about how to do this. Once you have made or purchased a water oven for yourself, you will be able to get started making Sous Vide meals for yourself.
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