Types of Spy Gear

Are you worried that your staff is being dishonest at the wholesale fabrics store?Are you thinking that your wife or husband is being unfaithful to you? There are special spy gadgets that can help you spy on your staff or your husband or wife.There are different types of spying equipment depending on where they will be used.

One of the spying equipment is the remote monitoring. With an in-built microphone is the key Ring Spy Camera, while the dressy one engraved in ties is the Tie Camera.

There are two types of Cellular Jammers; the High Power Portable Jammers that is able to scramble signals up to 60 feet away and the 3G Mini Cell Jammer that interfere with signals for 3G, UMTS, CDMA and GSM within a range of up to 32feet. Since the computer has a password and you may not crack it, the keylogger has the ability to record every keystroke that one enters on a computer, that way you get to know the password and log in.

Are you suspicious of where your chauffeur goes with your car after he drops you to the office in the morning? DocuPen Xtreme X05 for instance has a memory of 64MB and can take MicroSD cards if more space is needed, it allows Bluetooth transfers then the DocPen RC810 has 8MB memory and scans a full page in less than 8 seconds.

The Night Own Monocular is suitable for night camping boating and wildlife observation, then there is the Patrol monocular and Ranger Digital Night Vision binoculars that allows five times magnification, a in-built LCD and rubberized body. The MobiStealth helps you monitor someone’s movements, the music they listen to, the phone calls they make, the applications they visit and their chats.

For instance in a mall or a fabric store, the major benefits are reduced insurance costs as most insurance companies feel that you are taking security measures for your store thus reducing your insurance costs. Actually if you know you are being watched you will start fearing thus you won’t be tempted to hide some goods in your pockets. These cameras store very many information, and most of it is evidence and one cannot deny committing a crime such as stealing if from the camera it clearly shows they are the ones.The search engines works best to enable you know where to find the stores near you with the best spying equipment.

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