6 Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

The technology available at the moment is simply amazing. That is until you learn about the new releases that are about to hit the market in a few months. Here are the 6 technological advances that are set to hit the market in a few months to come.

The interconnected home that features electronic devices having a link to each other has, for years, been in the pipeline but no meaningful results are present. Top among the reason for its delayed implementation is the fact that the parties that are to make it a reality are fiercely competing against each other. With some of these companies agreeing to collaborate, it is now possible that we will witness the implementation of the technology very soon.

As population control becomes more difficult, feeding the masses requires the use of technology. One of the solutions to the problem is the use of synthetic food, which comes in the form of a powder that contains all the nutrients your body requires.

Virtual reality is set to make a larger impact on the lives of millions of users because of its increased use in medicine, entertainment, sports, and education. The costs of virtual reality hardware are prohibitive at the moment, but are set to drop in a couple of months. Also, augmented reality is set to make a huge impact because its success with various games has laid the ground for its use in numerous other sectors.

Artificial intelligence has now advanced to levels that it is replacing humans in various organizations. Artificial intelligence is now being used to calculate policyholder payouts in the insurance industry, which makes it unnecessary to retain a large workforce to carry out the same tasks. Costs such as salaries, benefits, training, office space, and equipment are now avoidable. One aspect that has made this cognitive technology popular is its ability to think like a person. Further, it has the capability to analyze and interpret data like video, audio, and unstructured text.

The use of smartphones is set to gain further use with the concept of everything on-demand gaining popularity at levels that are just unprecedented. Now, it is possible to order for anything you desire via your handheld device, and this includes cabs, flights, pizzas, accommodation, and more.

With 3D printing hardware costs being expected to come down, the use of the technology is now going to increase significantly. The printers are soon to be found in virtually every home. Purchasing items will be unnecessary because you will just print out the number of units you need for free.

You can expect these and other technological advances to hit the news anytime soon. It would be unwise to make predictions for a year because of the possible surprises that can come earlier than that.

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