Why Joining Evangelical Christian Prayer Networks Fosters your Growth in Faith There has never been a better way of strengthening your faith than coming together for prayer. The Christian faith in embedded in prayer and it is the best way of making your relationship with your Maker thrive. The entire Christianity is being affected from all corners; culturally, technologically and even socially. There are also busy schedules, general lack of enthusiasm and technological distractions also make the Christians vital goal daunting. It is only through prayer that as a Christian you can change the focus of your society to Jesus from the world and most importantly the frustration of your household to joy and piece. Joining a prayer network makes you more intimate with God and most importantly when your prayers are answered you become the first witness of his love and presence in your life. For those who are not in any prayer network, here are the various benefits of joining Evangelical Prayer Ministry. Praying together is a sound and Godly way of letting your deep hurts go. In prayer network, you come to know that you are not alone who is facing tribulations in life, you come across brethren who were in a more challenging situation, and they got out of it as heroes. Come and witness what God has done to others who were in a more worse condition even than you. It can be termed as the best method of enhancing one’s faith. When you are alone you may not have the big picture of what prayer can do. It is a way of witnessing God’s deeds in the lives of others. You have heard of people who have gained amazing results because of coming together in prayer. There are more to this; deeds of the Lord can’t be written by just mere words, they are great, they are awesome especially to those who lead a prayerful life. It is only in prayer network that your friend is your friend mate and is willing to walk together with you. This is also very important; team prayers makes it easy for you to pray more prayers. Everyone has his or her way of praying; when these prayers are combined, they make a big cry before God. You feel comforted and cared for regardless of how you felt before joining the prayer network. This is a unique way of opening your heart to the needs of other people around you and a reminder that at times you can be the answer to someone else’s prayer.The Essentials of Churches – The Basics

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