Let’s admit the fact that everybody who plays slots either at reputable online casino websites e.g. sizzling hot casino or traditional gambling houses has a dream to hit the jackpot. It is an amazing opportunity to become a millionaire or even a multimillionaire in a matter of seconds. The moment you realize that all logos on the reels line up is impossible to describe with words! Nevertheless, it does really happen so seldom as many people tend to think


  1. The biggest jackpot in the slots gambling history

It happened 12 years ago when a man decided to try his luck and play Megabucks. Having invested $100 he got back the whole $40 million. Not bad, isn’t it?


  1. The second largest jackpot

Cynthia Jay-Brennan who worked as a waitress has hit the second largest jackpot in the history of a casino having played Megabucks machine. Those almost $35 million were the biggest tip she has ever received. Unfortunately the final of this story is not so happy: Cynthia’s car was hit by a drunk driver which left her completely paralyzed.


  1. Is over spending bad?

A retired flight attendant from Vegas, then 67 had always had a habit of overspending. At that time playing Megabucks she wanted to invest only $100 yet ended up with $300 which brought her $27 million. No doubts she doesn’t regret those extra $200.


  1. Wake up! It is time to hit the jackpot!

“The early bird catches the warm”. That’s exactly what happened to a 74-year-old J. Heundl on her way to breakfast. She saw a Megabucks machine and decided to give it a go. Imagine her astonishment when she won $22 million.


  1. $10 investment

A man who was then known as a consultant from Illinois invested only $10 without even a hope to get anything in return. Within seconds he saw all logos lined up in a payline that brought him $21 million. Does he still work as a consultant?


  1. Twice a winner

Elmer Sherwin- a regular Vegas visitor is known all over the world as a winner of two jackpots. At first, it happened in Vegas back in 1989- $4.6 million and the second time 16 years later- $21 million.


  1. The best things in life are free

Who would ever think that playing with a “free play” credit it is possible to hit a $17 million jackpot? Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened to a woman in Henderson.


  1. Altruist

It happened in the Sin City just a few years ago: a man with altruistic intentions has invested $20 and won $14 million. He later said that would donate this money to a church.


  1. Is the machine broken?

A woman who was visiting her niece in Vegas decided to try her fortune with $6. When she heard the winning sound she thought the machine is broken. Luckily, her niece was there to clarify everything.


  1. Vegas never sleeps

After a hard-working day, Suzanne Henley was coming back home but decided to play Megabucks. She has been waiting in a line the whole hour before she invested $100 and won $12 million.

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