A Quick Guide to Emojis Japan is composed of great numbers of improving and reputable industries that caters to technology within the country. It serves as a model of change increasing innovations and progress in the world of modernization. It is more than difficult to stay in touch with the updates regarding the new terminologies that are being utilized in the society, especially in cellphones. The continuing use of the updated words, slang and terminologies have brought pressure to the administration to put it in the English language makes it even more important. Different words imposing different level of difficulties which refer to the newest slang words and terminologies have been incrementally added to the books of records so that present generation will not be left behind. Emojis are the most common consequence of the technology sourced out from the modern Japan. Kaomoji also known as the face letter is one of the best Japanese emoticons which are utilized by smart phone users nowadays. These kaomoji popularly known in layman’s term as face letters do not only amount to the utilization of the alphabet letters but would necessarily promote the creative manifestations of symbol characters which could talk a lot. Cat smiley is one of the most used kaomoji character according to the smartphone users. The emoticon could fully express how you actually react to a certain matter whether done as of the moment or not. Aside from the cat smiley, the wink smiley is also very prevalent for most individuals who wanted to imply cuteness or love to the other receiver when replying through a smart phone.
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Kaomoji had been really a success for most smartphone users as it had been wwell-recognized not only by users but the entire industry as well. When the Kaomoji was treated accordingly with love and respect from end users, another Emojis have been born across the line. Emojis are also similarly situated like the Kaomoji except that it represents picture letters rather than face letters. These emojis are used when texting or sending an email to your colleagues or loved ones so there must always have an attached key representing for the picture letters. Such emoticons are many in numbers as you can possibly take it from the market applications or playstore through downloading it using a fast or speedy wifi. The emojis are truly controlling the communication system as it always appeared everywhere even when you are just reading a status from facebook, texting a message or even reading a blog or article.
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Apart from those kaomoji and emojis, here comes the newest style called as the decomail. Decomail is a shortened name for decoration mail promoting a more advanced manipulation or decoration of text through emojis, animations other relevant features.

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