What Is TechnologyConsider this: Until the early Nineteen Nineties, most cell telephones had been too large for pockets. Karl Marx did not condemn the steam engine or the spinning mill for the vices of the bourgeois mode of manufacturing; he believed that ongoing technological innovation were mandatory steps towards the more blissful levels of socialism and communism of the long run (see Bimber (1990) for a current discussion of various views on the position of know-how in Marx’s principle of historical growth).

Of specific significance has been the emergence of ‘Science and Technology Studies’ (STS) in the 1980s, which research from a broad social-scientific perspective how social, political, and cultural values have an effect on scientific analysis and technological innovation, and the way these in turn have an effect on society, politics, and tradition.

A gender research of pc science majors at Carnegie-Mellon University (one of the preeminent computer science applications in the nation) discovered that, general, male students come equipped with significantly better computer skills than female students.

But, the development in technology has created a new economic surroundings which is determined by data and that is what I call ‘’ INFORMATION AGE ”, the knowledge age provides a unique work environment and this has helped small companies acquire place in highly competitive markets.

This article identifies seven emerging technologies that can change the practice of nursing; three ability units nurses will need to develop to acquire, use, and combine these rising technologies; and four challenges nurse leaders will face in integrating this new expertise.

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