What is Digital Transformation and How is it Relevant to Your Business? There has been a sustained shift in the face of the business as a result of use of digital technologies. Digital transformation may not be the ultimate term to use in describing the areas it covers. It is most preferred by some people to use the term digital business transformation so as to get in line with the business aspect. The broad meaning of digital transformation not only covers aspects of business transformation but also used to describe changes and evolution that take place in other areas, for instance, the society or the government. Areas of Digital Business Transformation The business Processes Business process has to do with the connection of one or more operations, activities, and sets to attain a particular business goal, where business process optimization, business process management, and business process automation are in picture. One essential process in digital transformation strategies and one that is customer-facing is business process optimization.
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The Business Models in Use The way in which the business functions, starting from the go-to-market approach and value proposition to its means of money seeking and effectively transforming its main business, tapping into high revenue sources and approaches.
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Business Ecosystems This has to do with the network of partners and stakeholders in addition to the contextual factors that affect the business like the regulatory priorities and evolution. New ecosystems are made by companies with different backgrounds effects digital transformation and information, in which case, data, and actionable intelligence become an asset of innovation. The list of business areas where digital business transformation touches is long but the above mentioned are just some of the areas. The Reasons for Digital Business Transformation In essence, the digital business transformation is the process of changing your business from an old platform to a new digital platform that is efficient and exciting. As mentioned earlier, there are several areas in which digital business transformation occurs; however, the benefits mentioned here are about sales and marketing. The use of E-commerce technologies has become an essential part of commercialization, and physical means of advertisement have been pushed away. Digital transformation has the use of more physical marketing strategies like use of phone calls, mailing, and flier being thrown into the dustbin and the internet is being embraced. Any service business in operation needs to be digitally transformed. The internet has brought about great transformations in the business world as many people have turned to searching online other than using older methods like the Yellow Pages. Online platforms provide all the relevant information on the company as well as providing evidence through customer reviews. To summarize, the only way to bring about the maximum challenge in change management is through Digital Business Transformation. Digital business transformation impacts on the industrial structure and strategic positioning and also affects all levels of an organization.

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