Cellphones make it easy to stay in communication with friends and family members. Seniors don’t always realize how valuable it can be to have something like this on hand all the time. When they are finally convinced to try it out, it’s important they have equipment that they can easily use and navigate. If they feel comfortable using the phone, they are more likely to continue using the services.

Prevents Awkward Situations

One of the reasons why seniors don’t want a cellphone centers on their ability to operate the equipment. No one wants to be in front of other people struggling to use a phone. This can be awkward and embarrassing. Instead, cell phones with big buttons are easy for anyone to use. Seniors can quickly dial the number without worrying about pressing the wrong buttons or calling the wrong person. This confidence and comfort is necessary for an older adult that is going to be using a cellphone on a regular basis.

It’s About More Than Just the Numbers

There’s a lot more than number buttons on today’s cellphone. There are buttons to start calls and hang up calls. There are buttons that can help a senior scroll through a screen and look through his or her phone book. Seniors are going to be able to take advantage of all the services that a cellphone offers if they can see how to navigate through them. The more convenient the phone, the more an elderly loved one will consider keeping it close by.

Easy to Access in Case of an Emergency

It’s great for seniors to be able to operate their phones on a regular basis. But what happens in the case of emergency? When anxiety or panic sets in, seniors don’t want to be struggling to dial. The larger buttons are easy to see and easy to operate, making it possible to get help to the location as soon as possible. This is one of the selling points that many families use when trying to convince an older loved one to start using a cellphone. If nothing else, it gives everyone peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, a cellphone is readily available.

Why Do Seniors Prefer Cell Phones With Big Buttons?